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Legally Carry In Up to 84% of the US

Everyday American citizens seeking a CCW permit begin their gun permit certification process with Countrywide Concealed. We have put together the simplest 6-question concealed carry online permit qualification survey to see if you qualify for a multi-state concealed carry license. Our CHL trainer is state approved; we are not a government agency.

Step 1: Watch the Video

Complete your instructional requirements by watching our short instructional video for free.

Step 2: Download the Certificate

Pass our 10 question certification test, download your certificate of completion, and complete any additional requirements for your state (if any).

Step 3: Complete the Application

After you secure your certification, we will outline the next steps necessary to secure your concealed carry permit.

Get Certified! Carry in up to 84% of the United States!

How it all works!

At Countrywide Concealed we believe every eligible law-abiding citizen of the United States should exercise their right to carry. At the core of responsible firearm ownership is commitment to safety. This is why we are proud to offer the 1st step in securing your permit, educational safety training.

Due to reciprocity agreements between states, your concealed carry permit may be recognized in up to 84% of the US. This means that if you travel to a state where you are not a resident, and that state holds a reciprocity agreement with your state-issued permit, you may legally carry in that state.

Three reasons to secure your concealed carry permit Now.

Reason 1
It's Your 2nd Amendment Right

Many of us forget about our rights until they are in jeopardy. Exercising your rights as an American citizen is a privilege, we all should not take for granted.

Reason 2
Preparation for Protection

Timing is everything when it comes to unforeseen danger. Delaying preparation against threats leaves you exposed and open to attack. Preparation is always the best protection.

Reason 3
The Window is Open

There has never been an easier way to secure your concealed carry certification online. You may lose the right to secure your certification online at any time. Lock in your certification while it is still legal.

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