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    Watch a 30-minute online tutorial to learn crucial gun safety practices.
  • Get Concealed Carry Certification
    Download your certificate upon completion of simple quiz.
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    With the changing political climate, this might be your last chance. Do it today!
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It's Easy To Get Your Concealed Carry Permit With Us

Education + Training + Certification in just 30 minutes online!

Why do you need a concealed carry certification?

  • Avoid jail.
    If you're caught with your gun out in public without a permit, you can be arrested and taken to jail.
  • Prevent damage to gun—and yourself.
    If you use your gun the wrong way, it can misfire and even explode, harming you and destroying your gun. Did you know that a dirty pistol and certain cleaning agents can cause a malfunction? Or that the wrong ammunition can cause severe injury to your eye? Our course will teach you how to avoid these mishaps.
  • It's your 2nd amendment right.
    Many of us forget about our rights until they are in jeopardy. Exercising your rights as an American citizen is a privilege we should not take for granted.
  • Preparation is your best protection.
    You may have or want a gun to keep in your home in case an intruder comes to rob you and hurt your family. But more and more these days, you need to stay on guard wherever you go outside the home. And to have your gun with you, you need a permit.
  • This might be your last chance.
    With the current political climate where Democratic state prosecutors are lobbying against the concealed carry gun law, you may not be able to get certified in the near future, so you'll want to do it ASAP! After each tragedy, there is more scrutiny on gun laws. They are reacting to shootings, but you still deserve to have the right to protect yourself from the crazy people who carry out these horrific shootings. So, it's crucial to take a training course to get certified in gun safety whether you have a gun or are planning on getting one. Lock in your certification while it's still legal.
  • What's the difference between a concealed carry certification and permit?
    Before you can apply for a Concealed Carry permit, you're required to complete a certified safety training course to get your concealed carry certification. Our nationally approved training helps you gain the education to safely handle firearms and defend yourself and your loved ones – and fast tracks your application for your concealed carry official permit.

Do you qualify to get certified?

Our free and simple 6-question survey is the first step in qualifying for your permit. Country Wide Concealed is an approved private training company for CCW certification, not a government agency. Learn from the great Randy Picou, your online instructor. This alligator- wrestling father from Louisiana is the #1 Certified Pistol Safety Instructor and licensed to teach the Concealed Carry Permit class. His instruction techniques and course material make it easy and fun to learn the ropes. Other online courses don't count towards your concealed carry permit and only cover certain firearms. This course is guaranteed to count toward your concealed carry permit application and covers various handguns and automatic guns.


How It Works

3-Step Simple Plan To Becoming
A Responsible Gun Owner

At Country Wide Concealed we believe every eligible law abiding citizen of the United States should exercise their right to carry. At the core of responsible firearm ownership is commitment to safety.

  • Step 1

    the Video

    Watch our 30-minute instructional video. You'll learn pistol safety and operation rules, crucial usage and maintenance tips, ammunition advice, important shooting instruction, and how to avoid accidents.

  • Step 2

    Download the Certificate

    Pass our simple 10-question multiple choice Certification Test. Then, choose to pay and download your Certificate of Completion.

  • Step 3

    Complete the Application

    After you secure your certification, we will outline the final steps necessary to secure your concealed carry permit.

If you don't pass, you don't pay!

We're so sure you'll learn everything you need to know, that we don't even ask you to pay for the certification, until you pass the quiz! That's right, you can take the whole course before paying! That's how much we believe in this program and your success. Most in-person certifications can cost up to $500! Most online courses are $100 and more. This one will be the best bang for your buck you'll find!

Don't take our word for it.

Over 278,000 Armed Americans Trust
Country Wide Conceal & Carry

"This not a scam! This course gets you the certificate of completion of a handgun safety course which is required before applying for an out of state CCW. This CCW is accepted by 26 other states. The course offered here would cost over $100 at a range with certified instructors but here you pay about half. This is a bonafide organization and stands behind this product."

-Martin W

"I really enjoyed taking the online concealed test. The instructor on the video did an awesome job. I learned a lot."

-George E

"It's really great! Already have my permit now!"

-Dylan S

"AMEN HALLELUJAH...Got my concealed weapon permit!"

-Joseph R

"I got mine!"

-Huck B

This Permit is still available.
Get it Before its Gone

That's right, 30 minutes from now, you can have the knowledge and certification to safely operate a handgun in public—or you could miss the opportunity completely—and one day be filled with regret and horror that you could have done more. Take charge and take-action now whether you have your gun yet or not. It's a no-brainer. Best program. Best price. Best way to protect your family.